Re: Solar panel installation - AMEL 54's

Nicolas Klene

On Sat, Aug 14, 2021 at 06:43 PM, Matt & Michelle Day, SM#208 SV Talia wrote:

Where did you purchase your Sunpower panels?  What are the dimensions (assume 60 cell)?

I find the output of 3 standard 60-cell residential panels to be desirable.  However, I am concerned the stern of the boat may become a Nimitz Aircraft Carrier landing deck.  Have you experienced any issues?  Can you share pictures?

Many thanks to you both.

Matt Day
SM#209 SV Talia 

 Hi Matt
My panels where bought locally in Marseille south of France, there size is 1690mm x 1046mm.
The arch has been made to accommodate 3 off them.
Not quite Nimitz class but close 
Nicolas Klene
SM2K # 471
In Marseille

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