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Eric and anyone interested:

First thanks Eric for the research and the offer to help others.

BUT, there are many different Onan models among all of the Amel owners. Onan models installed in Amels sometimes changed yearly and some models had different parts mid-year. Some Onan models have the Temperature switch part 309-0295-01 which is a Normally Closed Switch (NC). This is the one Eric has pictured. Other Onan models have part number 309-0295 which is a Normally Open Switch (NO). Which sensor you have depends on your Onan Model and Serial. Check the parts manual for your model to determine how to test this sensor. Or call your Cummins/Onan dealer with your model and serial number.

Also in an emergency after breaking a Normally Closed switch, you can run the generator by jumping the two wires together. Or if you have a Normally Open switch by disconnecting and isolating both wires. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO RUN YOUR ONAN WHEN IT IS OVERHEATING. But is the switch is broken and you monitor the temperature with a laser temp gun, it is OK to do this temporarily.


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Hi Pierre,
Many owners who had hull numbers close to mine +-50 have the same genset. Possibly yours was changed in any event here are photos. Onan frequently changes part numbers for the same part.

Below is a letter I sent a year or so ago.

I have broken a few of these switches over the years. I have done this by reaching over the generator to retrieve something stored behind the genset.

I received a quote from my Onan dealer and on Amazon for around $90- plus tax which is ridiculous.

I tracked down the OEM manufacturer and the cost is about $23- plus a one time set up fee of about $50- I plan on ordering 2 of these. They stated that they make this for ONAN. If anyone is interested please let me know and I can order them for you $33- each plus USPS of about $8.00.

I will order the switches within a week.

Fair Winds,


SM 376 Kimberlite 

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