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From: Palagi Marine Lights
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 5:40 AM
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Subject: R: Light switches


Dear Erik,

thank you for your request and interest about our products.


These switches are ready available, the price is € 7,00 each. Please note that we have an extra cost of 20€ for small orders (less than 150€) so I suggest you to order minimum 22 switches to avoid this extra cost.


If you want to proceed with the order give me your complete invoicing and delivery address (included your V.A.T number) and I’ll send you a proforma invoice with details.



Best regards

Emiliano Bonvecchio


Palagi srl

Via dei Carpentieri 75/77-55041 Capezzano Pianore (Lu)

Tel: 0039 0584 969496

Fax 0039 0584 969495

E-mail: info@...

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Dear Sirs,

We are restoring an Amel Super Maramu  made in 2002 which uses some of your cone shaped surface mounted lights.

The switches in the lights are broken and I need to replace them.

I have attached some photos of the lights. I would like to order about 18 of these switches.

Thank you

Eric Freedman

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