Does anyone have a Super Maramu in the Canaries?

Neil Meyrick

Hi, I hope this is ok to ask here. My wife and I are currently living with our two young girls in the Canaries (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, but can travel easily around the islands) and looking for a boat to take our family cruising in the next year or so.

We’ve lived on boats for 10 years in London, and have been looking at Amels for a long time. Every time we look at any other boat we always compare it to a Super Maramu and it is usually found wanting. The main questions that are holding us back at the moment are the length, which is more than we would choose ideally, and the complexity of systems which makes me a little wary as to how much of our time will be spent on maintenance. I realise that both of these concerns could be addressed by a smaller boat such as Maramu or Santorin, but with 2 kids on board I don’t think that would be enough space for us.

We’ve seen a good number of Super Maramus in the Canaries as we travel around, and I was hoping that possibly someone on here would be in the area and open to meeting up. Ideally we would love to come on board (without kids!) and just shoot the breeze about your experiences of cruising and living aboard and hopefully address some of our concerns. In return we would be more than happy to shout you dinner or find some other way to compensate you for your time.

If anyone would be open to this you can message me direct on nmeyrick (at) gmail (dot) com

Many thanks

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