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Untitled DocumentWe have had "Linnea" fore about 9 months (hull
#366). We have to change our interior light bulbs all the time
(particular the small halogen ones). Even though we try to not have
all the lights on, we end up switching out about 2-3 light bulbs per

When we talked to Amel about it a while back, they explained that
the problem is with the "Smart Charger" (an option we bought) because
it pushes the voltage up to 28V frequently (when you are on shore
power) which is to much for the halogen light bulbs. This makes lots
of sense, but it's still frustrating to switch out light bulbs all the

Does anybody else have the same problem?

S/Y Linnea
Walter Lundstrom
We sure do, but not as bad.

Jim Wiggin, ANTARES

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