Chiller replacement of Amel 55

Billy Newport

I have an ongoing saga since I purchased my boat (Amel 55#56). The ac didn't work during the survey so they fixed it which means recharged a leaking unit. It worked for a while. It has a refrigerant leak. I should have made them do a pressure test to discover the leak and negotiated a replacement during purchase.

So, a year later is. I have been struggling to find anyone to even work on climma. This seems to be because the US dealer has no spare inventory or units so everything seems to be drop shipped from Italy and that takes time so techs don't want to deal with customers with broken ac and no way to fix it within 4 to 6 weeks for shipping.

The problem is space. On my 55, the space for the chiller is about 14 inches x 17 inches x 20 inches high. Finding a chiller that fits in that space is hard. Dometic is 24 inches long rather than 17. The original climma cws 201 is 14 x 14 x 19 for comparison. There is 17 inches before the chiller water pump interferes. Finding a chiller that is that compact is difficult. Webasto make a 16k btu unit is the same size. Their 27k is 17 inches and they get bigger from there. Anything bigger than 16 means relocating the chiller pump and the generator coolant tank and the webasto heater pipes.

Right now, unfortunately, the cws 201 is no longer made but can be had with a 2 month delay. The climma dc35 or dc50 would fit comfortably but is double the price.

At this point, I'm about to order a dc35 or dc50 and have it installed at the end of Sept when it could arrive in Annapolis MD. Climma close their factory for August and it seems have zero inventory so they would have to make a dc35 or 50 for me to ship it to me, how they are still in business I do not understand.

Anyway, let's seeĀ 

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