Re: Chiller replacement of Amel 55

Joerg Esdorn

Billy, I‘m right where you are.  After 19 months on the hard, the AC wasn‘t working and after a lot of back and forth with the local technician in Vigo, they diagnosed that the refrigerant was missing.  But they filled it up but now it‘s gone again.  The boatyard told me afterwards that the technician did not add a leak fixing stuff - whatever that is -when he refilled the refrigerant because that would have required him to empty out the refrigerant completely which the technician didn‘t want to do (he was pressed for time as it was).  Have you tried adding „leak fixing compound“ and refilling?   Good luck!   

Joerg Esdorn
Amel 55 #53 Kincsem
Currently in La Rochelle

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