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We got stuck in French Polynesia before the borders closed and are LOVING it here. FP allows the boat to stay for 3 years before import tax is due and us as long as we like on a long stay visa.


The area has been relatively safe from covid except for the past few days now that the delta variant is here. We are seeing cases skyrocket. We got our Pfizer vaccines here in April for free and without issue. No doubt we are looking at restrictions in the upcoming weeks but we can live with them. They make it very easy to comply.



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Sailing Vessel - Cream Puff - SM2K - #275

Currently cruising - Tahiti, French Polynesia


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I was wondering how much use you have all had out of your Amels in the last year. It is difficult to get a global overview of the restrictions impact on cruisers. Noondite seems depressing. Fiji looks like a bright spot but otherwise my impression is things have been bleak. It would be good to hear any encouraging, positive experiences.
Paul Harries
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