Re: Rubber door /porthole stoppers #replacement

Alan Grayson

I can't help with getting new ones but Bill and Karen off Harmonie put us onto these. We use them on all the ports and saved the good rubber disk for future use. Can buy them at the local hardware store.
Alan Grayson
SM 406 Ora Pai
Ft Lauderdale 

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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Rubber door /porthole stoppers #replacement
Dear Amelians,

We have been searching for replacement of the rubber knobs that keep the doors from the front cabin open and that keep the port holes open.
The dimensions are  diameter cylinder 20 mm/ knob end diameter 40 mm.  Thickness of the knob end 5 mm. Total height 21 mm.
See also below photos.

Did anyone found these for sale online?

Beste Regards
Els & Eric Opdeweegh
sv Abayomi SM hull 158
Currently in Rotterdam The Netherlands


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