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To all fellow Amelians
I have a 1988 Mango with a 4-236 Perkins engine with 13000 hours. Engine runs great, no smoke and good oil analysis. Unfortunately the engine starter has failed. I’m in a busy marina in Connecticut and over last 3 months they have found 4 replacement starters but none have worked… either they did not fit, had wrong voltage (my boat is 12 volts) or defective actuator. I am now wondering if I will ever be able to secure new starter and I am now considering a new engine…
I am asking for any advice on what options I have for a new engine… Any opinions would be greatly appreciated..
Andre Kaplan
Mango 71 88

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Matt, You did not give your location, but if in the States ,I just bought a new alternator thru Hardin Marine for my Volvo TMD22a ,as I discovered my old one did not have an isolated ground ,be sure to buy one that is isolated. 
SM Shenanigans
Sassafras ,Md.

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Hey Folks,

Looking for some guidance from the group from anyone whom has installed a higher output externally regulated alternator on their Volvo TMD22.  What brand did you choose?  What drove your decision process?  Any service or fitment issues worth mentioning?


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