Re: Electric Genua Furler SM2K

Alexander Schenk

Thanks. Unfortunately some (at least one) seams to have sheared of and is stuck in the bottom and I can’t fit a screw extractor through the access hole…

On 18 Aug 2021, at 10:01, Danny and Yvonne SIMMS <simms@...> wrote:

Hi. If you look you will find an access hole down through the rope pully. You can access the screws one at a time through this. You need a heavy duty Phillips screwdriver.



SM 299

Ocean Pearl

On 18 August 2021 at 19:24 "Alexander Schenk via" <schenkschierloh@...> wrote:

I am wondering how to dismantle the electric curler in order to put in the apparently three screws that fix the small grey disc to the motor unit as seen on the foto/video.

I need to sand and repaint in any case, any specific tipps are appreciated, apparently not so easy to paint alloy..

SY Antinea
SM2K #231

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