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In my opinion, your GP 90 is at about its end of life. That said, I believe there are 3 separate boards in the GP90 and it is probably only one board failing. I had this happen to a GP80 and luckily "I found the Furno guy" in Darwin, Australia who had a non-working GP80. He swapped the failing board in mine.

If you can "find the guy" in Greece, you may be able to repair the GP90. The GP90 was replaced by the GP150 and both of those are out of production. I think you may have an issue with newer GPS receivers because unlike the GP 80 - 150, I do not believe you will find multiple ports, rather they will rely on the NEMA2k backbone.

Find the guy.


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On Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 6:20 AM ngtnewington Newington via <> wrote:
Data ports on GPS
I have discovered that the main Feruno GPS that supplies position data to the VHF and the nav system as well as SSB is only working from one port not three.
Initially the navnet stopped getting position but the VHF did, so I swapped the ports and now the navnet gets position data but not the VHF.
This has happed all of a sudden. I conclude that the GPS  had a problem.
Has anyone been down this route?
Any advice?
I am thinking it should either be sent for service or replaced…but maybe there is another solution?
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