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Ron Hynes

Great advice! Two years ago I was having intermittent problems with my starter and I took it to one of Fort Lauderdale‘s better-known repair shops. I was told that it was in very poor shape and to really treat it gingerly since it was on it’s last legs.

Fast forward two years and the starter failed abruptly. After searching with great difficulty in replacing this starter motor, I took it to a local repair shop and was able to talk to their technician who in very broken English told me “ this is a Bosch and I can repair it like new!“  he did and even demonstrated on his shop bench that the specs were better than new. Always find the GUY. There are entirely too many under skilled technicians giving poor advice and only exploring the most expensive options. 

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Wow, great video...I am going to look for more from this guy.

One of my favorite pieces of advice is "to find the guy." This is definitely "the guy."

I am going to send that guy one of these:

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

With best regards,


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