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Ross Hickey & Donna Hammond

One wind generator to consider is Superwind- German made. 

One key advantage is that the blades feather when the wind is high or gusting. The assists the brake and spills wind easily. It is also less noisy than many other wind generators.

We had one on our previous yacht and found it very good. They are not the cheapest around. But you pay for what you get.

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I thought I would consult the group. A fountain of knowledge for sure.
My recent sailing included some windy conditions in the Cyclades with gusts in excess of 60kn.
My Rutland 1200 wind generators burned out, the braking system could not hold them.
I am fed up with the brand, but I still want one wind generator if not two. I find that on passage they are great especially in windy conditions when the autopilot is working hard. The batteries are full.
I know that solar is better
I know that Lithium is better
But for the moment I want to stick with my AGM’s and I want to stick with wind generators.
I am considering
D400 Wind generator
I am also considering replacing my Solar Innova 265w x 2 panels with LG NeONR 390w panels that are only 10cm longer.
The questions are:
1. Which wind generator is the best?
2. Which brand of solar panel?
Current size 1642 x 994 mm 265w
The LG will fit 1740 x 1042 mm

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