Re: Wind generators

Matt & Michelle

I cannot comment on the wind generators due to lack of experience.  I am looking forward to what the group says. 

For the solar panels, be careful focusing too much on the advertised wattage output.  The output is STC (Standard Test Condition) output.  This means it is in the factory in a test lab, at a low temperature, avoiding heat degradation, and using artificial lights to measure solar output.  I valuable measure for quality control, maybe a bit disingenuous on the marketing side.  Note that for marketing purposes you can bump up the advertised output of the panel by adding one row of cells.  Your panel output looks very high compared to others, but your panel dimensions grew by 6-7 inches (15.24 cm, 576 pixels, 0.03 rods).

A more reasonable measure of the output of the panel is NOMT (Nominal Operating Module Temperature).  This test is more accurate for homeowners and cruisers with a set temp of 40-45C and controlled 8000W/m^2 radiation. All this data is on the product datasheet.

With NOMT (sometimes called NOCT), you can calculate output in terms of area W/m^2.  With limited area on our boats, we obviously want to make this number as high as it can be.  This may help you weed many of the panels on the market.  The highest W output per m^2 that I have found in the last 2 weeks of research is Panasonic's HIT series.  It's a couple year old panel, and the degradation over 25 is 91% verse LG's 96%, but it's capability in hot temps is better than anything else on the market that I have found.


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