Re: Wind generators

Paul Osterberg

Do not now about wind, but this year we replaced our 5 year old solar panels and replaced the with Sunpower maxium 3. 2x400 w is just a fraction larger surface that the old 3x150 w, A hug improvements. I often see peak watt close to 500w and occasionally around 540 w, During July we touched 3 Kwh for a full day each, yesterday as an example we reached 2,3 but the battery was full well before the end of the day and superhot (high temp reduce output)  We have litium and 1,4Kw of solar so do not need to run the panels constantly during a day, even though we cock food on induction, and make hot water through the inverter. But it is still summer and long day, sure I will need them all when days get shorter
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259, Gran Canaria.

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