Re: VOLVO TMD22 Ext Reg Alternator

Paul Osterberg

We did not replaced the original alternator, but installed a Balmar external regulator, very pleased with that, increased the out put, A few years back we were looking at the Victron alternator of 125 or 150 A, but you need a stronger pulley and as well reinforce the fastening. An other issue is a larger alternator demand more Hk from your TMD 22, which I think is already on the low side when going against the wind and waves already at moderate conditions. Further now with plenty of solar and Li cells, we do not need to charge  much with the engine alternator, I have a switch so can turn off the alternator if so desire by opening the field wire, the BMS also open the field if the Li Cells are fully charged
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259, now Gran Canaria

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