Re: Wind generators

JB Duler

The previous owner installed a D400. The machine itself is great and smooth.

1) the whole boat vibrates above 20 knots. I since found that 2 out of 4 nuts were missing with no washers (mediocre yard in Port Napoleon).
2) At 30-35 knots the vibrations are close to unbearable. I think it was mounted on a pole that is too high with no support mid way, so the pole enters into resonance 
3) I think it was mounted high to avoid problems with the topping lift. Despite that you have to keep the topping lift super tight otherwise you'll break a blade or two.

The output is mediocre and if it blowing too hard the extra energy is funneled into resistances.

Bottom line, it creates additional complexity in the back of the boat and I am thinking about removing it. The output is not that great compared to solar.
My recommendation: don't buy one, put solar panels in different locations (like on the stern arch and on the cockpit), each with a different controller.
John Bernard "JB" Duler
San Francisco
Meltem # 19, Western Med

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