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Martin Birkhoff

Hello Stefan,
of course we reported the encounter with the orcas to 

From my point of view it is interesting to collect as much information as possible about comparable orca interactions in a standardised form. Therefore, I have created a draft questionnaire that I would like to coordinate with 

My idea is to make the final version of the questionnaire available through the major sailing associations (SSA, RORC, Royal Ocean Cruising Foundation, Trans-Ocean, etc. and of course the internet) in order to obtain data that can be used for valid statistical analysis. I have already discussed this idea with the Trans-Ocean board and they will support the idea. 
Unfortunately, family matters have prevented me from pursuing this idea further in recent weeks, but I hope to be able to continue soon.

By the way (as a landscape architect and environmental engineer) I have to note that it is no good idea to put diesel, petroleum or chlorox into the sea. Protecting the seas and ecosystems should be a main issue to us.

SV Mago del Sur - 54#40
Alicante, Spain

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