Re: Wind generators

Alan Leslie

We have a D400, and while it's not particular;y noisy, doesn't vibrate, it certainly doesn't put out much power.
It came with the boat so for the meantime it stays. 
The only time I have ever seen any usable amount of power out of it was sailing upwind from NZ to Tahiti in 35+ knots true.
I don't really want to be sailing like that if I can avoid it. AND I don't want to be moored in windy anchorages!
Also, where it is mounted, on a pole on the port aft corner, causes us problems with travel lifts in marinas.
Our 600W of solar panels though are a completely different story. They consistently provide more power than we can use. They are completely silent and require little or no maintenance
I wouldn't waste my money on a wind generator, and I will in time,take it down and sell it to a true believer. 
Elyse SM437

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