Stuck mainsail swivel

Gregory Shea

Hello all,
Both Dieter Busch and I have the same problem with a frozen mainsail swivel on our Sharkis from1986. Two years of inactivity have taken their toll. We both have manual roller furling and there is no way to extract the swivel from the mast without lifting the spar. So, we are trying to free them with water and WD40 while the swivel is still inside the sail tube.
Frozen swivels are not new so I was wondering if other owners who encountered the problem managed to solve it without extracting the swivel from the mast. Mine is locked solid and the manual furling mechanism is not robust enough to apply much force. I need to be working directly on the swivel but grabbing hold of it has me stymied.
Any suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Greg Shea
Sharki 133, Kilada, Greece

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