Re: Gap between the mizzen mast step and the rear cabin top on a Maramu

James Watkins

I have a 1985 Maramu with exactly the same problem.  Was fixed sometime ago the first time and it happened again over time.  Proper fix did require spreading out the load on the bolts through the bulkhead.  I had the surveyor Kelly Carver do the work and she sailed from FLL to Trinidad without any deforming.  He probably would give you a quick review of the repair.  KC Marine 1 954 347 6099.


You need to watch the tension on the mizzen as some of my issues developed after a re-rigging and over tightened shrouds.

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Jim Watkins

Act II  Maramu hull 185

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From: Marco Baldan via
Sent: Saturday, August 21, 2021 3:12 AM
Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Gap between the mizzen mast step and the rear cabin top on a Maramu


Dear Amel Owners Group,

Looking for a Maramu, yesterday I visited a unit for sale. The boat looks in good overall conditions but I noticed a gap between the mizzen mast support and the rear cabin top. Also the main-mast backstay chain-plate shows a gap.
The owner told me he contacted the Amel Owners Group in the past and was told this is fairly common on the Maramu and not a problem.
Has any of you, Maramu owners, experienced something similar? Is it a matter of concern? Worth glassing/fixing it?

Thanks for your advice/feedback,
marco baldan


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