Re: "Meeting" Henri ! (the hurricane, not the Captain)

Alexandre Uster von Baar

Not sure you saw, but Henry will land over a 100-150 km from where you are as a Tropical Storm or still H1...  

On Saturday, August 21, 2021, 04:40:31 PM AST, Craig Briggs via <sangaris@...> wrote:

So, we left Florida to escape hurricane season and enjoy some east coast US cruising, but now find ourselves anchored at Ground Zero for Hurricane Henri, which is forecast to make landfall here near Sag Harbor on the eastern end of Long Island, NY.arHarbor


We found what looks like a good hidey hole, West Neck Harbor on the south side of Shelter Island. It has 360º protection and only about a 1/2 mile fetch in any direction, 16 ft/5m depth, only a few boats around the perimeter on moorings, although two local small ferry boats came in today and anchored about 200M away (they probably have good “local knowledge” that this is a good place). So it's basically the three of us in the center of the basin.


The forecast models are quite different, some being 180º apart, as in SE60g90 and NW 55g85 at the same time! We’ve got 200 ft of chain and 50’ of ¾ nylon “snubber” out on our 45# Mantus as our primary anchor. We also have 250’ of 12 strand ¾ nylon and 25’ chain on our FX45 Fortress (“the World’s Strongest Anchor” as they say) ready to deploy if necessary. With the highly variable forecasts we don’t want to set two anchors unless conditions change during the storm as the eye may be either slightly east, slightly west or overhead, so it is a crap shoot on wind direction.

All buttoned down with genoa off, canvass off (except main dodger), snorkel and mask at the ready to be able to work on deck tomorrow if need be, etc. etc.  A positive is that this is a fast moving storm and the peak will be in daylight tomorrow.

Will let you know how we make out - our expectations are our Amel will do us proud.

Craig and Katherine
SN68 Sangaris

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