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Patrick McAneny

I installed a low profile Lewmar hatch above our bed ,just aft of the bulkhead about 15 years ago. It has been a great improvement and I could not imagine sleeping or even being in the aft stateroom long without it. The first thing we do upon entering the room is open the hatch . It not only leaves the hot air out ,but at night it provides a nice breeze across the bed ,sometimes to the point we need to close it to just a crack or pull on a blanket. The slope of the roof/deck did not present a problem, although it would if you went with a larger hatch. I know other owners by now have install one ,as we have been asked to provide info, I am sure there is a couple of pics in our photo section.
Hope this helps,
SM Shenanigans

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We love our 2004/5 SM COCO, currently on the hard in Greece.

As part of a post COVID set of upgrades while staying on the hard, we are considering installing a full size Lewmar style hatch, opening forward, on the roof of the rear master cabin, when we ,hopefully get back to Greece in mid-September. My wife finds it pretty hot in this cabin, at anchor in the summer due to little or no direct airflow.  Yes , we do have a wind scoop ,  which can be hooked through the rear hatch, but this has limited effectiveness.

If anyone has tried this, i would welcome their experiences and constructive comments, even alternate solutions   I am aware there is a a degree of slope on this deck roof which may involve some extra work.

Many thanks

Amel SM 434

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