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Hi Elja, the polytrol time is easy. Less than one hour to apply. Sanding the grooves with the part file, one or two hours. Painting the grooves. As I said in a previous because I was working in our winter I could only paint in two to three hours in the middle of the day, and there were wet days I couldn't work. so I had a lot of get ready and clean up time. I didnt count, but I guess I did the painting over 10 or 12 days. Actual painting time. Locker area at front. 2 hours. Aft area, lasurete lid one hour. Side decks. 5 hours per side. cockpit, 3 hours. But take in the prep and clean up each day there was a lot more than that. One tip. To fill the striper I put the paint in a mustard squeeze bottle with a shutoff cap. Perfect,
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He Danny

can you say how much time you needed?

Thank you Elja SM Balu

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