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Stefan Jeukendrup

Hi Vladan,

Here is our experience since 2018 we sailing inand out of Tunesian waters at least once a year, from all sides, we love Monastir, no Quarantine, just a test when we where last there in July. Its a wonderful marina to winter as well, many international liveaboards.
Keep your AIS and VHF on and the Tunesian coast guard and Navy will give you a friendly call by boat name.

We encountered so far one refugee boat in 3 years. That was in July this year mid way between Algeria and Spain. It was a fast low open boat loaded with people and it looked like a  routine crossing, obviously not in danger or in need of help so we stayed clear as our ships are not equipped to take groups people.

Hope this helps you,

If you have any other question feel free to ask!

Stefan Jeukendrup 
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Op 24 aug. 2021 11:38 schreef Vladan SV PAME <vladan.bojic@...>:

Hello group,
I'm currently sailing 20 nm south of Sardinia towards south Sicily ( Ragusa )

Shortest way is going some 50 nm through Tunisian waters. Does anyone have recent experience sailing through Tunisian waters?

Do I need to report to Tunisian coastguard? I tried to get information from Italian coastguard but they could not understand simple English.

Best Regards,

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