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Mark Erdos

Certainly not being judgmental but, the conditions don’t seem life treating. The boat seems to be going along just fine with the stern into the weather. Was there other equipment failures?


The jumping into the water and being hoisted into a helicopter would scare me a hell of a lot more than riding out the weather.


What was the story on the boat? I can imagine it sunk. Was it found sailing along somewhere by itself?




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I am surprised that Bali Hai was abandoned. Does anyone know the experience of the crew, Was Bali Hai ever recovered?

The seas did not seem so bad, I am sure that a Jordan Series drogue would have made the difference and she would still be floating with the same owners.

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Regrettably, Bali Hai was lost in the Atlantic near the US shore when the crew abandoned her.


Here are some photos of an aft cabin hatch install on a SM. I do not recommend the wooden outside spacer used in this modification. If an external spacer is used I believe it should be fabricated from GRP.


That coach roof is balsa filled, so any penetration should be done by experienced people and care should be taken that the exposed balsa in sealed correctly.


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Hi George,


 You will not be the first to do this. There was an SM called Bali Hai, based in Malta, whose owners did the same. Since sold, I don't know where it is today.


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We love our 2004/5 SM COCO, currently on the hard in Greece.

As part of a post COVID set of upgrades while staying on the hard, we are considering installing a full size Lewmar style hatch, opening forward, on the roof of the rear master cabin, when we ,hopefully get back to Greece in mid-September. My wife finds it pretty hot in this cabin, at anchor in the summer due to little or no direct airflow.  Yes , we do have a wind scoop ,  which can be hooked through the rear hatch, but this has limited effectiveness.

If anyone has tried this, i would welcome their experiences and constructive comments, even alternate solutions   I am aware there is a a degree of slope on this deck roof which may involve some extra work.

Many thanks

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