Re: Annapolis Open Boat Saturday 10/16 4-8pm

Paul Harries

Thanks Joel
I am not in market for a 50.
If it were not for covid and associated hassles I would be seriously looking for a 54 or possibly an SMĀ 
My goal from a show visit would be to get a better appreciation of Amel philosophy. See what it looks like new. Get an idea of how Amel feel lithium and solar should be ideally implimented. Does that make me a time waster from Amel perspective? If not who should I contact at Amel prior to show?

As a result of Covid timelines have gone out the window, Admiral's fear is of getting stuck overseas and not being able to return if kids needed her.

One thing I have gleamed is that unless Admiral is happy cruising is miserable.

Paul Harries
Prospective Amel Buyer

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