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How completely cool.  So appreciated.

Once again, amazed,


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I have been negotiating with Incidence Sails for some time to get special pricing for Amel owners. As many of you know Incidence is the supplier of sails to Amel. The terms and prices I negotiated for HydraNet sails for most model Amels are the same or less than the terms and prices that I negotiated with QSails. As most of you are aware, I negotiate these prices for my clients. I leverage the size of my client base (currently over 250) for a discount for my clients. There is absolutely nothing for me in this because I never accept payments or commissions of any kind from anyone except my clients. I place advertisements in my Amel Book and on my website for the vendors that offer discounts to my clients, but there is no cost to the vendor. This way I can be a totally unconflicted third party in helping my clients. 

I will release the final terms and prices shortly. These prices and terms will apply to all of my clients and any member of the Amel Yacht Owners Group. The negotiated prices are especially good on HydraNet, saving thousands on a complete set of sails. I also negotiated very good prices on lesser quality sails for your Amel from Incidence. Anyone wanting the information right away, email me at brouse@...


I am sending you the information directly.


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On Wed, Aug 25, 2021 at 7:27 AM ngtnewington Newington via <> wrote:
I am thinking it is time to buy a new mainsail.
My inclination is to go for a direct replacement of the existing;
4 vertical battens 176cm long

I am also thinking of Q sails in Turkey, now that the Greek/Turkish border has opened. Should be VA T free!

Anyone have any good or bad experiences with Q sails?

AML 54-019
Kalymnos Gr

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