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Mark Garver

I tracked Bali Hai for a couple of days after the crew was rescued, from EPIRB transmission from a friend at the USCG, including official posts from RCC Norfolk. Along with the EPIRB, the RO activated his Satellite Emergency Notification Device (SEND), not sure if it was an Iridium GO! or a Garmin InReach that alerted the IERCC in Montgomery, TX. A day or two after there was a  notice, I believe it was on boat watch that a salvage boat was steaming toward her last known location. 

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Having been underwater on Kimberlite, I would never install a solar arch, or a panel open to the weather.

I really like the idea of mounting solar panels on a hard dodger as Ian Jenkins did on his  boat Pen Azen.


I would NEVER go to sea without a Jordan series drogue. It turns terrible conditions to a walk in the park.

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Out of curiosity has anyone else had problems with solar arch mounted panels in heavy conditions?
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