Re: Bowman DC60-XCC Transmission Oil Cooler Failure; ZF Hurth ZF 25; Yanmar 4JH3-HTE #lessons

Chris Likins

I had the exact same thing happen to me just a few months ago. 

We were completing a 1100nm passage from Chagos to the Seychelles. We had only 2 miles left to go to the quarantine anchorage and our wind had died so we started the motor and had basically the same symptoms as you. I pumped out what little milkshake fluid was left inside the transmission, topped it up with fresh ATF and motored the remaining 2 miles into the anchorage. I checked again after the anchor was down and the fluid had already mostly leaked out through the exhaust in just 2 miles! 

Anyway, new oil cooler is installed and everything is good now... I don’t think we did any lasting damage to the transmission, at least I hope! 

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