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Joerg Esdorn

Great work, Bill. ย Much appreciated. ย  I am most impressed with the quality of construction of the Incidences Sails and Iโ€˜ve bought a lot of sails over the years from all the major makers like North, Doyle, Quantum etc. ย The Incidences sails are holding up beautifully and Iโ€˜ve yet to have so much as a thread opening up! ย 

One thing I would like to investigate is whether to have my next main and mizzen built with full length vertical battens like was suggested in a recent post on this site. ย I see that Elvstrom is building these types of sails for all the Halberg Rassy boats with furling mains. ย Bill, have you discussed that option with Incidences by any chance? ย 

Joerg Esdorn
A55 #53 Kincsem
Currently in La Rochelleย 

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