Mainsheet traveller Broken on SM#72

Stephen Davis

We just broke the attachment point on our mainsheet traveller during our passage from Seattle to San Francisco. We  have SM #72 with the original style track and traveller. Amel changed to a different style system shortly after our boat was built, and changed again with the SM2000. I cannot find any markings on the traveller indicating who’s product it is, and also who would of made the track. I guess the choices would be Goiot, Lewmar, or Antal. Do any of you experts out there know who made these early systems? I bet Olivier, Bill R, or Joel would know. 

We are on our way south, and need to get this sorted out quickly. I suspect due to the age of everything, I may need to replace the track with something more modern. Have any of you ever removed your track from one of the older hulls like mine? How difficult was it to get the screws out. My understanding is the screws are tapped into a steel plate inside the deck. Is this assumption correct? I’m guessing with stainless screws through an aluminum track into a steel plate, I’m likely to shear most of the screws off trying to get them out. 

Any advice on how to repair or replace my traveller system would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to get the help of a rigger, but all the ones I’m finding seem to be busy for months, and I may be on my own with this. I’ll attach a few pictures of the broken traveller, and what it looked like prior to failure. The attached blocks with soft shackles are something I added recently when the sheaves on the stainless attachment piece fell apart. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM 72
Alameda, CA

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