Re: Mainsheet traveller Broken on SM#72

Stephen Davis

Hi Bill,

Our track and car is the one you have depicted on the right and labeled as SN OEM/Lewmar. I guess this style track and traveller was used on both the SN and early SMs. Our track is an I-beam style and measures 38mm across and 34mm high. Unfortunately, this car is not in production, and I can't find anything that would fit this track size of I-beam style track. If you have any ideas where to find a replacement, please let me know. It is good to know that it is a Lewmar traveller. I ran into Dave Benjamin's old Maramu #29 "Exit Strategy" looking very neglected here in Alameda yesterday. It had a Harken traveller installed on top of the existing I-beam track which is very similar to mine. They appeared to have just drilled and tapped the existing track, and screwed the new track on top. It was not the most eloquent solution, but it did take Dave to the South Pacific and back, and still looks solid. Ultimately, all the boats with my system will experience this failure, and it would be nice to document a good fix for everyone. I'm afraid trying to remove the old track is going to shear all the screws and create a huge expensive mess. I'm using penetrating oil on the screws now, but 30 years of stainless screws going though and aluminum track into a steel plate is going to be a dicey job.


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