Re: Mainsheet traveller Broken on SM#72

Patrick McAneny

Steve, I did not take a picture, but it does not look like yours , Mine is not shaped like a T track as the genoa track is. That track is 3/4 " high ,track edge is 1/4" thick by 11/2" wide and Antal  makes cars for that. What is the dimensions of your track ? Rather than remove the old track ,you could tap into it, and bolt new track on top of it. 
Good Luck,
SM Shenanigans

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Hi Pat,

Thanks for your help. I’m curious to see what you traveller system looks like. Most SMs I’ve looked at did not have my traveller system, but most of those were higher hull numbers than yours. I know the next generation of travelers they used was an Antal system, but not so sure about mine. If you could send me a picture of yours it would be great. 


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