Re: Watermaker end cap removal; Dessalator D160

Mark McGovern


I hope I don't have to pop these end caps off again anytime soon but I will keep the water pressure idea in mind for whenever the time comes.  It makes total sense to use water pressure from the inside of the pressure vessel to remove the end caps.

Cara's had a pretty sedentary life the past 17 years spending most of her time at the dock with just one Atlantic crossing from the previous owner and then the trip up from Martinique to the Chesapeake Bay when we bought her in 2017 so I expected events like this to happen.  I just hoped it could have waited a few weeks as I actually had planned on replacing the membranes this October when we are back in the Chesapeake.   Apparently the boat had other plans.

See you guys in a few weeks!
Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Belfast, ME USA

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