Re: Solar panels stainless steel mounted vs soft panels

Paul Osterberg

No it does not, and most 100 w panel's are 36 cell 18 v panels ( nominal 12 v)  you need to have them in serie to charge 24 v, very inefficient. We replaced or 2x 100 watt panels with 2x150 w 36 v panels. Now in August I get around 0,6 kWh from the two. From one 400 w panel I got 2.5 kWh. I'm on Last Palmas Canary Islands. During ideal conditions in June I got 0,8 kWh resp 3.0 kWh from the above. I have 2 rail mounted panels 2x180 w now in a marina they are titled up vertically a very poor way to keep them but lack of space force me to have them that way.. They outperform the soft on the Bimini giving CA 0,85 kWh

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