Re: Solar panels stainless steel mounted vs soft panels

Stefan Jeukendrup

Hi Kent& Iris,

See pictures of solar panels above the cockpit, they are hardly visible from the side...

These show 4 Solar panel Suntech STP190S24Ad plus. 3 years old now and they cannot withstand the tropical  temperatures: the backsheet melts and salt does the rest...

I will replacle with 3 Trina Solar vertex S  TSM-DE09.08_405W, slightly longer but almost the same total width.

Of cause you have shading issues so all panels are in parallel.

Hope this helpfull in some way,

Stefan Jeukendrup

sv Malaka Queen

SM2k #348 @ Northern Ireland

Op 01-09-2021 om 03:19 schreef karkauai via

I have 600 watts (two series pairs) in hard panels on the stern arch that give a maximum of 16A at 24v on sunny days.  I also have 250W of soft panels on the Bimini which produce a maximum of 3A in bright sun (in Maine now),but in less than ideal conditions, they hardly produce anything.  I recommend that you stick with hard panels.  I'm thinking of replacing them with more hard panels if I can figure out how to mount them above the Bimini.
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Kent & Iris

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