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Mike Ondra

Hi Pat,

We have thought about painting/striping the deck.

One consideration is the temperature the tan deck reaches in the sun compared to the white deck areas…tough on bare feet and a contributor to interior temperatures.

Thinking that maybe striping in white would help reduce deck temp.

If painting the tan portion, maybe a lighter color would also help to reduce surface temps.

Just a thought, and wondering if anyone has tried lighter colors to reduce temps.

Mike Ondra

Aletes SM#240 Rock Hall, MD


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Looking at Danny's deck has gotten us thinking about tackling this job again,we quickly gave up once before. However before I would do the striping I would have to address all the white areas  on my deck . Is the tan color of the deck, paint or gel coat ? I know the deck is gel coat ,but is the tan color paint? If not why in so many areas has the gel coat worn away ,and why is what is under it white. Would Amel first apply tan gel coat to the mold and then a layer of white , that would not make sense. The tan is wearing off in many low traffic areas, so it is not wear ,I don't think. The tan surface appears to be very thin ,like paint. 
My point is that I would need to first paint my deck and then stripe it ,if I want the entire deck to look good and I would like to determine if I am dealing with a gel coat or painted surface.
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