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Hi Bill, 

Thanks for the head-up
How many hours do you have on your TMD22?

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Op 1 sep. 2021 om 04:06 heeft Bill Kinney <cruisingconsulting@...> het volgende geschreven:

Another lesson learned:  Do NOT wait to replace your engine mounts. Bad things can happen. Engine vibration and noise creeps up on you, very slowly.  You don't notice that it is a little bit worse today than it was last month.  And next month is worse again.

During our time with Harmonie we had never replaced the mounts on our TMD22, but I suspected it might be time when I did finally notice the engine vibrations increasing a bit.  Today, I changed them out. It wasn't as difficult a job as I feared, one full day of hard work did the trick, mostly. What's left is cleaning up and painting things that have gotten a bit rough looking. I have some video footage I'll share of the process, but I thought I'd give you an advance visual of how bad things were. These are hydraulic mounts.  They are full of a viscous oil that damps vibration.  Three of the four mounts had lost ALL of their oil. The one on the right is a new mount, the one on the left had just been removed.  The oil chamber was completely blown out.

<Engine Mounts.jpg>

I suspect that the failure of the engine mounts lead to increased vibration and misalignment which likely lead to, or at least contributed to, the failure of the rear seal of our transmission last year.  On the ZF25M transmissions replacing the rear seal requires a full disassembly of the ENTIRE unit, and is not practical. By the time you buy all the seals, gaskets, bearings, and other parts that should be replaced, a new transmission is the more economical answer.  

So, two lessons:  
  1. Changing the mounts is not that hard, with a bit of creativity, and inexpensive tools, you can lift, pull, push, and shove the engine without outside assistance.  
  2. Change them BEFORE they get this bad!
I don't know how old these were where we bought Harmonie, but I am putting these on a 5 year replacement schedule, sooner if I even THINK I notice an issue.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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