Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Tonnage

Richie Whyte

Hi Eamonn
I went through this process last year and it took nearly 9 months to get it completed. That was during the height of COVID but there may be a way to radically reduce the time required. If the differences between the SM and SM2K are purely equipment - the calculations done for my boat will be the same as for yours (better informed chime in by all means). I registered my SM2K#261 ‘Why Knot’ formerly GUMA with Dublin port but the calculations are done centrally by the Marine Survey Office in the Department of Transport. The marine surveyor took the Amel drawings and built a 3D model, subtracted the allowed volumes such as engine room and produced a final volume and converted that volume into the final tonnage figure. He probably works in the same room or down the corridor from the guy that you will deal with - if he isn’t the same guy. So connecting these two people should eliminate a world of hurt for everyone as all that work is done already. The chap that I dealt with was Greg Houlihan. I found him to be very accommodating but what he can do is limited by the law in this area and that lead to delays in our case. I should mention that our boat was not in the country and because there was no travel a lot of stuff was handled by 3rd parties and a lot of photos. It should be easier in your case anyway but if they accept the work done for my boat you should be plain sailing.


Why Knot
Kos, Greece

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