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Patrick McAneny

Kent, I spoke to Sunpower about their flex panels. He told me that the cells in the flex panels were the exact same cells used in their rigid panels , thus were just as effecient. For any given  dimension the rigid panel produces more watts because more sq. inches on a flex panel are devoted to the borders ,thus less productive area. He acknowledged that there would be some loss due to higher heat on a flex panel laying flat on a solid surface, he could not provide a percentage loss ,but said it was .negotiable. It is going to be high in the seventies for several days ,safe to return home.
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Thanks, Stephan.
I have raised the cockpit enclosure so that I can stand up straight.  It doesn't allow me enough room below the boom to add another layer of solar panels.  I'm going to have to use flexible panels, or mount them someplace else. I'm not keen on mounting them on the rails, either.

Does anyone know how efficient the Solbian panels on the Amel 50 are?  Other high efficiency flexible panels?

Kent & Iris

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