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Mike Johnson

Hi Kent & Iris,

Thanks for the useful information. Perhaps I am being over cautious.


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We just have the dual Racor filter system.  When ever the boat sits for more than a few weeks, I pump a gallon of fuel from the bottom of the tank through a 5ft piece of 1/2” PVC pipe from both the inspection port and the fill pipe into clear containers.  There has never been any debris or water in the fuel to date.

Once I didn't change the filters for 2-3 years, and they deteriorated enough to cause problems. Now I change them every year.

Only once when I bought fuel in the Caribbean, from a questionable source who delivered it to the boat in barrels, I checked the fuel before putting it in the tank, and didn't find any debris or water.  I strained it anyway and it was clean.

I always use Biobor Jr biocide.

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