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Hi Kent,

I have two panels on the rail port side just aft of the cockpit. They are clamped to the rail 1/3 in2/3 out. No bracing so it is easy to swing them vertical when docking etc. Also the free swiveling means strong winds can swing them up or down. I have the clamps tensioned so they stay in place but I can swivel them without adjustment. Likewise boarding waves which I have never experienced.

Having been through a major storm on a previous boat the boarding wave one was a concern to me so my plan was if a situation was building the panels could be removed in minutes. Never had to.

I put the them there "temporally" over 10 years ago when sailing through the Caribbean en route to Panama  intending to change them to a permeant position when I had time. The position worked so well I didn't need to.

I am not trying to make my boat a floating condo with everything electric just like home,.so my two panels are adequate for my purposes. Those purposes are redundancy for ocean crossings, wind solar and diesel. My lead acid batteries lasted over 8 years and I am sure the wind solar combination has been a significant contributor to that.

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Thanks, Stephan.
I have raised the cockpit enclosure so that I can stand up straight.  It doesn't allow me enough room below the boom to add another layer of solar panels.  I'm going to have to use flexible panels, or mount them someplace else. I'm not keen on mounting them on the rails, either.

Does anyone know how efficient the Solbian panels on the Amel 50 are?  Other high efficiency flexible panels?

Kent & Iris

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