Re: C-Drive 'O' ring replacement in a 1990 Santorin 46ft sloop

Ian Park

As John says the engine room is where you re-fill the C Drive oil. Early in my ownership of my Santorin it went milky and this was obvious when you looked at this oil reservoir/filler. I was worried about any damage but was reassured by Amel in Martinique who I watched replacing the oil and seals for me. I have done this job myself since then and it is quite straightforward. Look on the Amel Owners site where there are excellent photos and descriptions are of the process.
The gears won’t rust as there is no air in the gearbox. Although you can get the seals for the shaft anywhere that does seals the bushing is a specific Amel part which they always have in stock. If you order the whole service kit from them it also guarantees that the springs in the seals will be stainless and not steel. I would order 2 sets so you always have a set ready for the next service. It is a two year service cycle, but as John says just changing the oil if you haul out between servicing is a good idea.

Ian. ‘Ocean Hobo’ SN 96. UK

PS. If you’re boat doesn’t have a spare bow thruster propeller, get one !!
Oh, and read up on changing the oil in the bow thruster. It’s very easy if you do it regularly, but if it’s been neglected some past of the connecting parts can seize and prove challenging to separate.

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