Amel dishes

william reynolds


It seems like we have had a minor misunderstanding about my intentions with Amel cups and bowls.

My first inquiry was to seek a value for a set of Amel dishware. I had discovered the dishes for 6 in a used boat item shop. The seller did not know what to charge or exactly what was in the box. This was when I enquired if anyone knew the value of these dishes.  Albin in Martinique had no idea and he called Amel and they had discontinued the sets years ago and could offer no value. I inquired to the manufacturer and he hadn’t made dishes for Amel in over 10 years and he had no price information.

After dragging out all the items and putting them on the counter I realized the set was complete for 6 settings.

I pulled a number out of the air and we briefly negotiated and came to an acceptable price.

Attached is a photo the items.

 My wife now wants to keep the new set and find a new home for our present set. I really don’t want to make money on the older set and am perplexed on how to select a new owner. Again, money is not the object and I do want to have a bidding war.

I will keep everyone informed of our decision. Someone will end up owning our used set.


Bill Reynolds


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