Re: lithium battery warning

Mark McGovern


They didn't give a rationale.  My guess is because there is no justifiable rationale just a knee-jerk reaction not a very well thought out policy to reduce their exposure.  Especially given that I can have all the lithium ion batteries that I want on my boat in my phones, tablets, electric bikes, electric scooters, power tools, etc. and they will happily insure me.  While I will stipulate that these are all much smaller batteries than a house bank, they are also made from much more flammable chemistries than LiFePO4 batteries.  Given how flammable fiberglass is, I'm pretty sure any one of those devices could set your boat on fire and sink it.  Certainly the batteries used in some of the cheap e-bikes you find on eBay and Amazon could do it.  They didn't ask me if I had any of those aboard.

Here's an interesting thread on just such an incident from earlier this year on Crusier's Forum.  Interestingly, the underwriter was, you guessed it, Markel.  And the insurance was the Jackline Policy from the Gowrie Group:

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