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Bob Fritz

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Attached are (4) photos of our solution to the liferaft dilemma. The cradle is made with 1/4" x 2" 316-stainless. Retaining strap is 1/8" x 1-1/2" stainless. Weight of 119lb raft rests on the aft deck. Upon releasing the pelican hook, one merely tips the raft over. No lifting. 10 second deployment. This keeps the mizzen dance deck clear.
Don and Pam

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Hi Barry and Robin

I raised this subject in the past, you can find the results through the search engine. I still think the locker is fine for the storage of your liferaft. Just one thing suggested by another member and that was to raise the liferaft to sit just below the lip of the locker, (we used plastic beer crates cut to size for the job). the technique is now to lift the liferaft partially out of the locker, use the lip as a fulcrum and roll the raft on to the deck. There is considerably less effort required using this method and as you are working beside the cockpit, you are less exposed to the elements. Our raft is a 10 man canister (we do day trips for club members so require a large raft)so a lot heavier.

Regards Joe McDonnell
Hi All

Just a note about liferaft storage. Several years ago on a fall passage from Newport, RI to Bermuda with a group of other boats, we encountered a storm with winds of 55-65 knots and seas 20-25 feet. Two boats in the group had their deck-mounted liferafts torn away and lost by waves sweeping their decks. In one case the cradle failed and in the second, the container failed, and the raft inflated and was blown away. I was happy that our liferaft was a valise model stored below deck as that was one less worry at the time. Personally, I think that storing the liferaft in the locker on the Amel is preferable as long as you have a good plan to get it up on deck if needed. On the Amels that I have delivered, the crew and I always work this out prior to departure.

As an aside, after sailing became problematic in that storm, we hove to with a backed storm jib and storm trysail. It worked like a charm. Chaos ceased and it almost became calm in the boat although we were occasionally swept from stem to stern by waves. This was in a Swan 53. I've never attempted this in an Amel, but I would not hesitate to try it in similar conditions.

Bob Fritz

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