Re: Amel Mango Hull #14 - the engine room was not built to be watertight?!!?

Daniel Alexander Thompson

Thank you very much, Bill, for all your words, here. Really appreciated.

I found another hole in the engine room forward bulkhead, right at the iron keel. Somebody created an opeing through to join the two halfs of the bilge together, so that he might install a bilge pump that pulls water from both halfs!!

It is really rather shocking what an owner is capable of. There are about seven breaches to my engine room.

I have now come to the understanding that all of these breaches are owner innitiated and that the engine room was indeed watertight at time of contruction.

The question i have is, is it possible to install a gasket on the Mango aft cabin door and make the aft cabin watertight?

Best regards

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