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In march this year, I've ordered 68 LiFePo4 cells, 150Ah, in China, to build my new battery pack. I've received them last month, and I'm currently charging/balancing them. It will be 28.8KW (24V/1200Ah), and it cost me 3.430USD, including taxes and delivery to France, from China.

Of course there are many other components involved to make it a full/safe battery pack, including : properly sized wires, bus bars, fuses & fuses holder, contactor (about 250USD), and of course a shunt and a BMS (I choose Batrium, with 4x K9 Cells about 1.500USD)....

I would say, DIY is very time consuming (you have to read and learn a lot...), very slow (I've ordered parts from Australia, US, and China... in a context of a worldwide cargo traffic jam). But, it's wayyy cheaper, and you know exactly how all this works, how to monitor it, etc... and that's probably the main reason I went down this road !

Le 04/09/2021 à 17:05, Paul Harries via a écrit :

Can anyone put the a price on typical USA manufactured and professionally installed lithium system vs order from china diy system?
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